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Actress, Voice-Over Artist


After studying at both American Stanislavski Theatre and Michael Checkov Studios, Nica went on to perform in all 37 Shakespeare plays, twice over. She studied with Earl Hyman, William Hickey, Judith Molina, Trudy Steibl and Viveca Lindfors after which she understudied for, Searching For Strindberg, and performed in several off and regional readings and plays. She then interned for National Actor’s Theatre and Actor’s Studio. Nica studied Balanchine Ballet for 15 years and Modern-Graham, for a …semester. Nica has had articles published in Lines from the League and Art catalogs. During COVID, she became a certified COVID Compliance Officer and then tore out everything from her pantry to set up a voice-over booth in her home. Nica is a proud member of SAG-AFTRA and AEA!!

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