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Head of Community


I am Adam Helbig, and I am the Head of Community here at Source Elements. I believe that it is my job to help connect people and make awesomeness happen, and there is nothing in this world that makes me happier than when I can do it. I guess you can say that this job is perfect for me. I am also responsible for:

  • Gathering user stories to share! I want to know more about what you do and what drives you!


  • Improving the functionality of the Community. Please join the Feedback Community and let me know what we can do better!


  • Encouraging awesomeness to happen! I am usually available to talk anytime and bounce ideas back and forth.


Some Other Things I do:

  • Spark in the Dark ( – A non- Facebook partner non-profit that helps people in a time of crisis by connecting them to other people in their community. Let me know if you want to learn more.


  • Games/Gaming – Before Source Elements, I worked in an esports startup and, before that experience, I was a CEO of a game development studio.


  • Startups – I love entrepreneurs and have been through the cycle. You got a business and want some help pitching it or making connections, hit me up! I love learning about new things!


  • Education – I have a passion for improving the education system and have a Master’s in Ed. One of my first startups was focused on improving the connections between educators in the classroom.

If you want to connect, I am usually be-bopping around on the community site and can be contacted through a direct message at @Adam. Otherwise, you can send me an email at or setup a meeting through my calendly:


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