Source-Connect Pro and Pro X 3.9 Certification Course


In this brand new online course, you will learn about using Source-Connect Pro and Pro X 3.9 in a professional context, including lessons on networks, Q Manager, and using Source-Connect with your DAW via both Source-Connect Link and Source-Nexus.

Course time: 4-7 hours 

Course requirements: The course content is browser based, so can be completed on a computer, phone, or tablet.  However a computer is recommended for the end of course exam.

This course is aimed at Source-Connect Pro 3.9 and Source-Connect Pro X 3.9 users, but may be useful to other Source-Connect users as well.  

Lesson Content:

  • Understanding Source-Connect Pro and Pro X
  • Using Source-Connect with your DAW
  • Networks for Source-Connect Users
  • Q Manager
  • Best Practices for Source-Connect


Certification of your system: Optional extra, included free with purchase of this online course for a limited time only!

When you have your certificate and have used your knowledge to set up Source-Connect and your studio correctly, please email and we will arrange a time to do a 5 point system check*  If you are set up satisfactorily, you will receive the “C” for Certification on your Source Elements account.  This puts you at the top of search results within the Source-Elements dashboard. 

This is 5 point system check:

  1. You have completed the relevant online course.
  2. Your studio set-up is sufficient for recording over Source-Connect, or, if you are only sending audio, your audio sounds ok.
  3. You are using a hardwired internet connection.
  4. Your ports are open.
  5. You do not have any detectable packet loss problems when using Source-Connect.

If you do not pass the system check you will be given advice on how to improve. You can book to resit up to a maximum of three times.  This system check is not a support booking. 

Optional Lesson Resources

Here are some helpful links relating to topics covered in this course. 

Lesson One

Lesson Two

Lesson Three

Lesson Four

Lesson Five

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Course Includes

  • 5 Lessons
  • 23 Topics
  • 23 Quizzes
  • Course Certificate